Specializing in Lab Specialties:

Starting as a supplier of industrial bench unit and cabinets for dams and fisheries, we transitioned into laboratory grade casework and cabinets for harsh and wet environments. With experiance assisting with design, remodeling, custom fabrications, we have furnished lab equipment and furniture to the following sectors:

Chemical Processing Facilities
Environmental & Health
Food & beverage industry for their QA laboratories
Forensic & Fish Wildlife including Marine labs
Electronics & Tech industry furniture
Medical lab cabinets, Microbiology, Virology, Genetics, Histology
QA & QC labs for research & processing plants and pilot plants
Science classrooms furniture
Water & Wastewater treatment plants labs cabinets, tops & equipment
Wine testing & presentation labs casework

The products we supply include custom made lab specials in addition to standard stock lab products. As a wholesale distributor of many well known scientific furniture & equipment manufacturers & vendors, we do not make the products we make the lab product selection easier & the products better for our client satisfaction. We have a network of lab fabricators & vendors to assist us with our clients.

For government agencies & facilities and others who needing to know our capabilities, so we have created a capability brochure.

Capability Statement PDF - 2 pages here to view the PDF file.

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A List of Laboratory Interiors Products:

Acrylic Fabrications trays, hoods, doors, boxes
ADA Stations & ADA Lab Hoods & ADA Tables so you can accomidation
Adaptable Laboratory Furniture Systems

Accessories lab fixtures, mats, oven, water systems

Balance Tables of epoxy, marble, laminated cement, epoxy resin
Balance slabs
Base Cabinets and Wall Cases in lab grade laminates
Blowers for hoods

Cabinet Lab Wall Cabinets - with glass, lexan or acrylic
Cabinet Lab Door Style in sliding, framed glass doors hinged or sliding, open wall cases, bases & tall storage

Cabinets & Counters in stainless steel standard or marine grade.
Counters & sinks in marine ( type 316 )stainless tables

Chemsurf Laminated Wood Laboratory Casework
Chemguard Laminated Wood or Regular HPL Lab Casework
Cabinets, Counters & Hoods in Polyproplene, Trespa, Phenolic

Clean rooms & clean room equipment: tables, chairs, desk, modular, mobile, carts and more

Counter tops for labs: metal, laminate, phenolic, epoxy

Desks for labs and industrial applications
DI faucets see faucets
Drying Racks and Drying Cabinets

Electrical for labs: pedastals 2 or 4 gang, single & double deck mount

Epoxy Counters & Pegboards & balance tables
Ergonomics stool & chairs for the lab & lab office
ESD tables & accessories

Fixtures faucets, turrets, panel mount, air, gas fixtures
Flammable Storage Cabinets
Flexible Lab Furniture System
Freezers for lab under counter and Large

Fume Hoods fiberglass small, classroom & demonstration, pass-through
Fume Hood liners of PVC, Poly, fiberglass, stainless
Fume Hood for Perchloric Acid hoods with washdown, Acid Digestion Hoods, Radioisotope Hoods
Fume Hood work stations, hoods with built-in fans & Remote fans
Fume Hood By-pass, conventional, basic
Fume hood accessories remote control fixtures, monitors, sinks, cup sinks, covers, fire safe, vent kits, ducting, washdown
Glove Boxes units, floor-Mount, bench mount
Fume ventilation stations, options for remote blowers, integral fans, filter portable capture units

Hoods - Canopy, mini, by-pass, energy saving, laminair, down draft, custom, box, hood work surfaces dished hood work surfaces, hood sinks & support tables

Industrial Casework

Marble balance slabs & tables & tops
Metal Steel casework freestanding, suspended, modular steel
Metro shelving

Pegboards stainless steel, epoxy, acrylic, polyproplene
Plastic laminate fabrications
Plugmold, Wiremold for lab with communication

Polyproplene cabinets & hoods, laminar flow units & special polyprop fabrications & work stations & poly counters

Rack for bins & storage shelving

Refrigerators under counter & large with freezers

Scientific furniture & equipment

Seating lab stools, chairs, special tables with seating

Sinks epoxy resin, stainless steel 304 & 316, scientific plastic, sink Orin, lab plumbing specialties, cup sinks

Stainless Steel custom cabinets & counters, canopy hoods, special fabrications

Stainless steel tables for clean room applications
Snorkel Hoods
Storage Cabinets
Suspended Casework Systems

Techinical Bench & Tables

Tops Lab Tops in epoxy, Trespa, Science stone, Chemsurf laminate, Phenolic, polyproplene, stainless steel & composites

Trough assemblies epoxy, stainless, polypro

Lab Shelves standard and with add option for earthquake lip
Lab High Desity Storage
Lattice rack, connectors, rods

KV standards and strut matching lab furniture colors, in stainless steel or other finishes.
Safety equipment eyewash stations, emergency showers, first aid kits

Laboratory Equipment including:
Glassware Washers
Ultra Cold Freezers free standing
Washing stations & washers
Water systems Pure

Pedastal electrical for deck mount & Power poles

Wire racks

Work bench units

Ventilation grills of epoxy, phenolic, stainless steel