Example of an industrial lab with a custom epoxy large trough sink with a custom laboratory canopy hood above the big sample prep sink. Heavy duty chemguard faced laminate lab cabinets have heavy duty full-extension drawer guides as well as adjustable teflon coated hinges. The lab bench top is epoxy resin 1" thick counter top has an epoxy drop-in sink. So, sinks have drainboard grooves each side of the sink.

On the back wall is a general purpose fume hood with rising sash supported on chemical storage cabinets. The hood is connected to a transition then into the duct run is exposed to view and painted.
The duct going to the roof top where there is a fume hood fan we supplied along with an 8 foot exhaust stack. Our fans can have special coatings, be made of PVC, Fiberglass and we can help you size them to the hood and the length of your duct run. Our lab products are made in the USA.

Pictured is a canopy hood a ceiling mount suspended on cables or rods.
See Hoods for more information including FANS (blowers) for hoods We offer many lab fan options such as vibration rails, weather zero weather stacks, epoxy coated or stainless steel fume hood fan stacks.


This lab has two tone metal cabinets with 3/4" gray epoxy counter tops the sink is an under-hung black epoxy. The wall cases are shown with sliding glass doors. The island work bench is a combination of drawer units and cupboards.


This science lab is wood veneer on a melamine core and has full extension drawer guides. The epoxy top was removed and the drawer box cases were attached to change the size from very low to intermediate 30" standard desk height. The epoxy counter top is black and the end sink is supported by a marine plywood pedestal which opens for plumbing service. The was wood veneer matching existing wood veneer casework. The interior is white melamine. The door and drawer heads are easily replaceable if damaged.

The reagent shelf assembly has services air, gas and electrical panel mounted. The reagent shelf is supported by epoxy uprights. The top or cap is 12" and the uprights are 18" leaving enough room for cup sinks and single service lab faucet to be under the shelf.


This teaching lab has tables arranged for optimum view of the teachers demonstation table. The student tables are gray epoxy countertops with services. The metal tables are contoured to support and provide access to sinks and the lockable student storage cupboards.

The fume hoods have cup sinks. remote controlled fixtures with standard fume hood base cabinets. The hoods have stainless steel air foil and by-pass grills. The interior of the hoods are chemical resistant composite resin. The hood has lighting and each hood has switches and electrical outlets.

We have affordable lab tables with epoxy tops, chemsurf tops, phenolic tops all in standard as well as custom sizes.

Medical Furniture

Medical or Clinic casework often needs label holders and locks.

More pictures will be added of lab furniture soon.
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