Laboratory Interiors is working hard to become the standard by which all other laboratory furniture, equipment and cabinet-counter top fabricators will be judged.

See our "Terms & Conditions below our Mission Statement"

Mission Statement:

Our pledge is to provide a level of service and product quality that is equal or better than any laboratory supplier anywhere. While an integral part of our sale is our installation work, it is offered not just to secure the order, but to insure product warranty is not compromised and quality is controlled.

We pledge to continue to provide the best installation and service, to do so professionally, leaving the finished products ready for our clients use.

Our Privacy policy is simple: we neither collect, monitor or require membership or login. Clients rely on our understanding the importance of privilege. We are often privy to laboratory activity and proprietary procedures. We have even helped with some lab security plans and issues.

To provide the best installation, we use the approach that we will provide only appropriate materials; watching for functionality issues, while monitoring safety and new compliance with current practices as well as intended use issues, and future need requirements.

Accepting "Green Building Principles" after finishing our first GOLD LEEDS laboratory project, we can offer Environmentally Preferred Products(EPPs). Laboratory Interiors going Green with ebill. A small action with a big environmental impact. PayItGreen indicates besides pounds of paper, ebilling reduces carbon emissions and deforestation.

LABORATORY INTERIORS — In the WESTERN USA we have installation service providers.

As a wholesale supplier BD Cabinets, Inc. is DBA Laboratory Interiors are proud of our supplier and manufacturers warranties:

Each product has its own warranty and we do our best to select the best. Example our chairs Biofit have a ten year warranty.

General Warranty Information: One year and our standard terms & conditions apply as published.

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Serving the Pacific Northwest and national accounts since 1981.
Call us with your lab product technical consulting questions.
We understand the importance of material dynamics, and can help you with selects, as all warranties are based on products being appropriate to intended uses.

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Our Standard Conditions & Terms (Print example:)

To the extent inconsistent with or contradictory to any of the terms of the purchase order or any other documents, the following terms and conditions shall supersede regular sales of goods to a customer.

ITEMS Quoted

** QUOTED items are and have been selected to match as nearly as possible the items indicated in your request, if different we so note by the word equal. Since many standard products exist from vendor to vendor and fabrication styles change from manufacturer to manufacturer, they may not conform in every respect to the units indicated in your request. Therefore, your acceptance of our quotation must be limited to acceptance of items as offered.

Prices quoted never include any unloading or any form of installation, unless specifically noted. If installation is quoted it does not include receiving or unloading or freight claim resolution.

These terms are a part of every quotation and proposal or offer and is to be referenced in any contract or any notice of intent to contract. We note as published and or attached. Every effort is made to bring to your attention any and every difference which may present a benefit or disadvantage, yet it is not possible to represent all differences; therefore our offering is of our standard product acceptable to AWI or in accord with the SEFA or or other industry standards and practices, but may not so conform to the indicated or requested items in every way.

-- TERMS PAYMENT of 20 per cent of material total is required before fabrication of quoted items can begin, remaining balance is due 25 days from the date of invoice or date shipped. Special order or custom items require 50 per cent down prior to ship. Past due balance will be subject to a service charge of 1-1/2 percent per month, or, if less, the maximum amount permitted by law. Price quoted is based upon receiving your order for the entire amount of the quotation.

-- PRICE is based on a coordinated shipping and installation schedule. Unless so noted phasing is not included and any additional trips or shipments will be billed as necessary. Products are FOB factory or point of origin. If shipment is made per the agreed schedule date, and you are unable to accept delivery, then storage, demurrage or extra unloading charges incurred will be billed to your account.

-- SITE OF Delivery - You our customer will be responsible for making your own arrangements to store materials if the job site is not ready.
Invoices are generated at the time of shipment and are due.
Quoted shipping is business to business; special conditions and actual cost maybe be more than estimated cost.

-- Construction Standard Contract Language not to include any "pay when paid or any other terms that change any part of our published terms as included herein. By notice here and published any contract or purchase order we sign includes this "our terms" as published on our web site. This document is understood as the expression of our offering to sell or provide service; this is our terms are accepted and is understood and our offering is subject to these terms.

-- FREIGHT is estimated. Actual charges will be billed. Freight claims are the responsibility of the buyer, you our customer; and as product is sold fob point of origin you the client must process and accept or reject at time of delivery or according to terms of carrier. We will assist you, but we can not make or generate any claim for freight damage for you. Check the all incoming shipments for quantify and condition, if no notice of shortage or damage is reported as required, you have no recourse. Freight FOB point of origin. Actual freight is prepaid and and added to the invoice at the time of shipment, or billed as a separate invoice unless it is agreed freight will be billed to you direct by the carrier. If you have a preferred carrier and account provide that at time of order.

-- Shipments - All shipping dates are approximate. When quoted 45 days this is quoted after receipt of order and approved drawings, which including colors and options. We will ship sooner and your purchase order may have a requested by date, but approval of drawings or catalog cuts or our submittal will be required. We need approximately two to three weeks if shop drawings are required and a formal submittal process requires even more time. A signed by you or your agent set of details with colors must be returned to us, before any job or order can go into production.

-- Delivery - At time of delivery some vendors substitute as reserves the right to substitute alternate or improved product as equivalent if they were specified for order. Customer shall have the right to return any substituted products at no charge to company by following our standard return goods policy.

-- Sales Tax - Purchaser shall pay when due all excise, sales, use or similar taxes or other taxes accessed as a result of the material and/or work furnished and performed by our company under this purchase order or the contract which will be issued in lieu of a purchase order or order. The purchase price is exclusive of such tax. If we do not have on file your tax number email or mail it with your payment.

-- Colors - Fume hood superstructures are finished in the standard colors of the manufacturer, typical a neutral color like grey, any other color can be an extra cost, unless noted on your quotation. Ask for standard color chart of fabricators. Fume hood superstructure and casework of metal is powder coated finish" and can match if from same fabrication shop. FANS and some hoods units can have special clear coatings of epoxy paint, teflon or other special coatings, advise fumes or chemicals and all special regulations or requirements otherwise not quotation for coating if any. It is advisable to send us a list of the chemicals or fumes or potential hazards. Example acids or bases or flammables is not sufficient information, a list of actual chemicals helps us best serve your needs.

Standard cabinets of & quoted by company, or our vendors shall be standard colors. Metal interior is case color.

Doors and drawers fronts in laminated are offered in stock standards colors, others add cost, and time. Chemsurf or Arborite (scratch chemical resistant laminate) or Chemguard can add cost, but does extended warranty to five years. All laminate colors are subject to discontinuations by manufacturers. Fast Delivery colors are limited to Black, Gray, White or Almond for laminates. There are 1000s of colors available, but some add cost, extra time or can be premium if in a textured or special finish.

- Countertops of epoxy are quoted in Black unless our quotation indicates otherwise. Available in standard 3/4" or 1" Black. Other colors add cost and longer leadtime. Chemsurf or regular laminate come standard in black or white, unless quotatation indicates otherwise. All other colors can add cost and time. Chemsurf or Arborite is preferred except for heavy acid or bases where Chemguard is preferred. Door Fronts and Drawers should be chemical resistant if most labs. Tops scratch and scratch a lighter color. This is not a defect, it is inherit with the chemical finish. Lab tops are resistant to chemical, but some materials are better than others. No lab top is perfect for all situations. There are many counter materials to select from, testing is adviseable, we quote per your request. We will supply samples, to help you determine what is appropriate. Scratches on products or chips or damage after product is shipped to your job and accepted as "clear" will not be replaced or repaired at our expense as we have no control over your lab, jobsite or stored area nor is this within our control. When we install, we place signage, and paper, but are not responsible for damage done by other trades or others during or after our installation. Some material fail as not appropriate, therefore, be sure to ask for test data, and ask for a sample if you are not sure of the performance of the material you are ordering. Even chemical resistant stainless steel can not hold up to all chemicals or some abuse.

-- Escalation Clause--
- A - Prices quoted will remain firm for 15 days. If an order is submitted after 30 days, prices are re-quoted confirmed or adjusted.
- B - If purchase order is issued and accepted by us, then the prices quoted will remain in effect pending release of the entire order on a current shipment schedule prior to any announced price increase.
- C - If an order is placed but not to be shipped for period in excess or 45 days and prior to being released by you for shipment there is a price increase, then the order will be subject to prices in effect at the time of the shipment. For this reason we recommend material required on a project with a delayed need be shipped, inspected and put into storage on your site. Note ship and inspect as soon as secure storage. Note, humidity control is a requirement for warranty of all our products.

- Cancellations--If your order is canceled prior to shipment, solely as a result of your decision and not because of any failure of vendors of or COMPANY to perform as per your contract or purchase order, you will be billed 20 percent of the material total of your order, accept for special fabrication items, such as tops, which are not subject to cancellation after the work has been authorized. You will be billed the FULL amount of the quoted price for all special fabrications. These items will be shipped to you or we can attempt to resell these items to assist you in recovery of these funds; but we must be paid in full for us to assist you in the reselling.

- Warranty--COMPANY warrants all the product they make to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of one year and extends to you the warranty by the maker or manufacturer any products we sell. The warranty of the manufacturer sold under this order per the manufacturer is to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year from the date of the invoice or receipt of product. During that year the warranty period, there will be no charge to you the customer or your customer for the repairs, including labor. The warranty of cabinets is against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the products. Warranty shall not apply to such cabinets or equipment if such equipment has been subject to sale or to the purchaser's negligence, alteration, improper care or usage. In no event shall COMPANY be liable for any consequential, indirect, or special damages, liability shall be limited to the purchase price of the equipment proven to be defective and this remedy exclusive. Warranty and product liability expressed or implied is that of the actual manufacturer. We warranty our installation for one year. All warranty is void if abuse, misuse, or dynamic behavior of materials specified or selected is not appropriate to the application.

- Delay - COMPANY shall not be responsible for any claims, losses, offsets or damages if manufacturers performance is delayed or prevented by civil disorders, war, strikes, fires, floods, inability to obtain delivery of component parts, acts of God, or by any other cause not within COMPANY control and which, by the exercise of reasonable diligence, COMPANY is unable to prevent.

- Back Charges--Any unauthorized deduct from payment or separate invoices will not be approved without prior written authorization from authorized representative of our COMPANY.

- Change Orders - all change orders are to be in writing. If your require work to be different in any way than indicated on our installation drawings or notes we will require a written change order. Additional work is a change order.

- Note - Should you have any questions concerning your quotation, offer, proposal or terms or wish to order, please call or email. Laboratory Interiors is a trade name of BD Cabinets, Inc.

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